Acknowledgement (ac·knowl·edg·ment) ækˈnɒl ɪdʒ mənt common

English to Japanese Meaning - 'acknowledgement'

acknowledgement - 承認, 認知, 了承, 認定, 自認, 自白, 告白, 礼状, 承知, 諒承, 御了承, 了と

English to English Meaning - 'acknowledgement'

acknowledgement [Noun]
  • the state or quality of being recognized or acknowledged; "the partners were delighted with the recognition of their work"; "she seems to avoid much in the way of recognition or acknowledgement of feminist work prior to her own"
  • a statement acknowledging something or someone; "she must have seen him but she gave no sign of acknowledgment"; "the preface contained an acknowledgment of those who had helped her"


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